You can come back for a copy of your certificate anytime. You have access to the certificate for 5 years.

Monday To Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Excluding the holidays.

After you have sign up you can access the courses. If you signed up a single course you will only have access that one course. If you signed up for a yearly plan you will have access to all the courses we offer.
1. Register 2. Choose a plan 3. Choose the course you would like to enroll 4. Complete the exam, you can take test up to 50 times, if you do not pass you can review your wrong and right answers, And retake the exam 5. From your transcript you print your certificate, email, or fax it anywhere.
You can take the exam up to 50 times.
If you are not completely satisfied, we are happy to happy to refund your money. We only want you to be happy with our courses. And continued to take our courses for a long time.
We report the course completion to cebroker immediately when you complete a course. You must provide accurate information about you in order to report your course completions.