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Credit Hours: 2.0 Hours

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Course Description

Purpose and Objectives

When an individual is moved into a nursing home placement either by choice or necessity, they often experience great loss including the loss of identity.  Think about it.  All of their life’s accumulations are reduced to what can fit in a small room.  Maybe a favorite chair and some family memories or heirlooms, but everything that they have worked for is reduced to the size of their room. Even in the best of circumstances, they are told when to eat and when to take their medications. They may not be allowed to keep a favorite pet.  There are many, many losses. It is of particular importance that these individuals retain as much decision making and autonomy as possible, and understanding residents rights can do much in achieving this goal.  This course is designed to instruct certified nursing assistants (CNAs) on the rights of nursing home residences and their responsibility in promoting and protecting these rights.

resident-rights-for-certified-nursing-assistants-1According to the American Geriatrics Society, approximately 40% of nursing home residents suffer from mild to chronic depression.Resident rights uphold and honor dignity and respect for persons who are aged or in ill health that live in assisted or nursing home placements.

Why do you think this is so?  What can caregivers do to improve these statistics? 

The change begins with you!



After completing this course, the learner will be able to do the following:

  1. List patient rights
  2. Describe the ombudsman’s role
  3. Identify three situations where an ombudsman could be involved
  4. Identify where to find the Patient Bill of Rights at a facility
  5. List components of dignified and respectful care
  6. List ways that a CNA can protect a patient’s rights
  7. Identify how a CNA can advocate for residents

Course Curriculum

  • Lessons  0/16

    • Introduction
    • Human Rights: The Big Umbrella
    • What are resident rights?
    • The List of Resident Rights
    • Federal Rights
    • Older Americans Act
    • What is an Ombudsman?
    • What are the Certified Nursing Assistant’s responsibilities?
    • There are so many resident rights and none are not important. The following are super important!
    • Did you know that restraints can be illegal?
    • Did you know that residents have the right to complain?
    • How can a Certified Nursing Assistant Advocate for their patient?
    • The Right to Be Free From Harm
    • Different Kinds of Abuse
    • Conclusion
    • References
  • Quiz  0/1