Alzheimer’s Level 2: Providing Support, Safety and Therapeutic Care

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Credit Hours: 4.0 Hours

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Course Description


Connie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 2 years ago. Until recently, she was able to care for herself. Last week Connie’s daughter, Laura came to check on her after work and she was very agitated and confused. She was pacing in the kitchen and very upset because the dishes were not clean. There was blender on the counter filled with water and bubbles brimming over the side. When Laura looked closer at the blender pitcher it was filled with forks and spoons. Connie was now looking at her feet she then looked up at Laura, eyes full of tears.

Course Curriculum

  • Alzheimer's Level 2: Providing Support, Safety and Therapeutic Care  0/9

    • Introduction
    • Purpose of the Course
    • Course Objectives
    • Moderate Alzheimer’s disease (Stage 1)
    • Caregiving for Stage 2
    • Treatment Options
    • Pharmacological Treatment
    • Side Effects
    • Mental and Emotional Treatments
  • Environmental Factors that Affect Mood  0/6

    • Environmental Factors that Affect Mood
    • Managing Behaviors
    • Looking for New Treatments
    • Participating in Clinical Trials
    • Conclusion
    • References