• Jillian Hay-Roe graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2010 from the University of Arizona.  She immediately began working

  • I am a registered nurse with my Masters degree in Nursing Education. I have been a registered nurse for almost

    Shanna Myers

    RN, BSN, MSN
  • I am a registered nurse with a BS in Education.  I am board ANCC certified in psychiatric nursing and am

  • Jennifer Tomaselli (RN, BNS, MSN) resides in Southern California and takes pleasure in the warm weather and beaches.
    She was

    Jennifer Tomaselli

    RN, BNS, MSN
  • Sally Keskeyis a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Having delivered care in varied practice settings from

    Sally Keskey

    RN, BSN