Who we are?

NursesCEUs provides continuing education and training for nursing professionals and paraprofessionals in order to enhance their clinical practice and meet licensure requirements.


The mission of the NursesCEUs is to meet the professional learning and training needs of nursing professionals. By harnessing available resources in various fields of knowledge needed for nursing practice, and using available technology to disseminate these knowledge, NursesCEUs offers a variety of certificate programs designed to enhance professional and technical skills.


NursesCEUs will become a center of excellence in providing quality education and training in a variety of fields to all persons seeking to enhance their clinical practice.

Areas of Course Instruction

Available subject fields for courses will include:

  • Nursing practice

  • Special healthcare problems

  • Healthcare law as it pertains to nursing practice

  • Management and administration of healthcare personnel

  • Management and administration of patient care

  • Patient learning and education

Organizational Accreditation and Licensure

NursesCEUs will maintain licensure within each state it offers Continuing Education certificates according to the laws, rules and regulations of each state. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, accreditation through the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC) or other accrediting body will also be sought in the future. Such an accreditation can be used for marketing purposes as an affirmation and verification of our commitment to quality.

High-Quality Content

Company policies will be established so that course material itself meets the minimum guidelines for use in a continuing education setting for nurses. All material developed by an individual course instructor will be audited for compliance before being offered to potential students.

Continuous Review and Evaluation of Content

We will establish policies so that all courses are evaluated for relevance to current nursing practice no less than annually. This determination will be made by internal staff based on the following factors:

  • Monitoring of current nursing practice

  • Course evaluations submitted by student participants

  • Surveys of target market segments

  • Courses that are determined to no longer be relevant will either be updated before being offered the next year or ended.

Delivery of Services

NursesCEUs will be primarily an e-learning company. All courses will be offered as an online/home correspondence type course through a website.

NursesCEU's Authors

Jillian Hay-Roe


Jillian Hay-Roe graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2010 from the University of Arizona.  She immediately began working in her field of choice, the neonatal intensive care unit.  She was able to pursue her love of travel by working as a travel nurse in Texas and then Hawaii. She then changed position to travel even more as a Clinical Educator for BBraun Medical.  In this position, she traveled to a different hospital in the US every week to train nurses on the proper use of IV pumps, IV catheters, IV tubing components and fluids, and hazardous drug delivery systems.  Jillian has had the opportunity to observe all different size and style of hospital from multi-thousand bed university medical centers to small rural community clinics. Jillian is currently working as a full time NICU nurse again in Arizona and part time as a nurse writer and legal nurse consultant.  She enjoys hiking, scuba diving, and travel.

Shanna Myers


I am a registered nurse with my Masters degree in Nursing Education. I have been a registered nurse for almost 10 years. I have done a variety of nursing throughout that time. I have worked inpatient nursing with Colorectal, Gynecology and Palliative care patients. I also was instrumental in the implementation of a new EMR at a large organization. After completing my Masters degree in Nursing Education I was hired immediately to be a unit based educator on an Orthopedic, Urological and Acute Rehabilitation unit. I learned new skill set while starting my career as an educator. Almost 3 years ago I spent some time after relocating to Washington State, working with as a Total Joint Center Coordinator. I was able to work with patients and help prepare them for their life changing surgery. The role helped me to put myself in the shoes of the patients. This perspective stick with me in the current role. I transitioned about 2 years ago within the same organization into clinical educator role. I support the Orthopedic and Neurological units, but my primary role and passion is coordinating a new grad residency. I am passionate about new graduate nurse and the role that they will play in the future of nursing. I put a lot of time and energy into the support and retention into the new graduates I work with. In my nursing career thus far, I feel fortunate for the experiences that I have gained and the expertise that I have accumulated. It is a pleasure to be able to share as much as I can with you.  

Dianne Barnard


I am a registered nurse with a BS in Education.  I am board ANCC certified in psychiatric nursing and am AHNCC certified in holistic nursing.  I have had a lifelong love of learning and am working on my Family Nurse Practitioner degree at Walden University. I love nursing and it’s allowed me to recreate myself in many different ways.  I have worked in oncology, endocrinology, intensive care, home health, behavioral health, and taught Level I Clinical Nursing at a community college.  My life’s vision is to add value to everything that I choose to do and my nursing passion is to treat each as a whole person. I believe that you cannot separate the mind from the body and that a person is so much more than the sum of their parts.  My belief is that when you tend to all of the broken pieces of a person their chances of regaining health optimize.  Nursing has been great to me and I love having a role in teaching other health professionals how to be their best.

Jennifer Tomaselli


Jennifer Tomaselli (RN, BNS, MSN) resides in Southern California and takes pleasure in the warm weather and beaches. She was born in Michigan and relocated to California many years ago. She began her nursing career as a nurse in the maternity unit of the hospital and loved it. This area is the most cheerful place in the hospital, so she stayed. After returning to school for her master’s degree, she developed a fondness for research and writing. Much of her writing in college was on education. It is so fascinating. This gave her the foundation she needed to work for NursesCEUs.com. She currently works at a small hospital in Southern California. She enjoys fitness, healthy eating and raising her 14 year old son with her firefighter husband. When she can’t be active outside, she revels in crafts in her home. She is devoted to educating nurses, so that we can educate our patients.

Sally Keskey


Sally Keskeyis a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Having delivered care in varied practice settings from general medicine to women’s health, Sally is a well-rounded nurse. She has a passion for developing new skills and passing those onto others through diligent research and the creation of educational materials for health care practitioners. Sally Keskey, RN/BSN Education Bachelor of Science in Nursing     , Cum Laude Honors Student
  • Recipient of Clinical Excellency Awards in Community Health, Psychiatric Mental Health, and Obstetrics
Highlights of Qualifications
  • Facilitated care, meals, and activities while working with Room at The Inn Marquette, Homeless Shelter
  • Provided education and health care to at risk house members of The Janzen House, Marquette
  • Excellent communication with peers, clients and superiors
  • Established and maintained client trust to promote patient health and growth
  • Upheld personal responsibility as a patient advocate in various clinical settings
  • Appropriated funds and acquired resources through community outreach
  • Created dozens of Ante/Intra/Postpartum Continued Education Courses for Healthcare Professionals
  • Trained and supervised staff
  • Adaptable communicator both written and verbally
  • Authored Nursing Clinical Mastery application for smartphone use
  • Worked as a rural doula/birth coach in underserved populations
Counseled hundreds of prenatal and breastfeeding clients on breastfeeding and postpartum challenges